Today Is Lovely, I Hope You'll See

Today is lovely, I hope you'll see
for writing cards and letters so happily.

Doesn't have to be fancy, any words will do
send your love, good wishes and kindness too.

Snail Mails
Rosemarie, my penpal in Switzerland sent me this adorable card filled with snail mails on it! 

Sweet Baby Lambs
Yipee!  A new card for my tiny sheep collection!  Sweet baby lambs, aren't they adorable. :)
Arrived from China.

China Stamp
China Stamp

Triple Trouble Kittens
Triple Threat Kittens!  I know what trouble two kittens can get in, can you imagine three! 
Arrived from China.

Victoria Kirdy Cat
Oh Happy Day!  A sweet Victoria Kirdy card made it's way into my mailbox from Russia!

Russia Stamps
Russia Stamp including the WWF Russia Panda Stamp.

The Young Trio 1829
A wonderful art card of children.  The Young Trio 1829 by E.V. Rippingille.
Arrived from England

London Stamps-2012 London Olympic Stamp
England Stamps including the 2012 London Olympic Gold Medal Winner Jason Kenny.
2 Responses
  1. Amit Says:

    All the cards are great.I just love that art card. You are so lucky to have Gold medal winner stamp and I think this is your second one...right?
    P.S- I too have that China stamp and your poetry is great!!

  2. Angie Says:

    I think it is the second Gold medal stamp so far, maybe more will arrive someday. ;)