Thank You Dearest Penpals

Thank you, dearest penpals for all you offer me,
your friendship, kindness and caring are wonderful qualities.
Your lovely letters make my days better, sharing your life
with me is a gift I treasure.
Thanks for being you!

Letter on the way to a lovely penpal!

Postcards on the way!

Keep Calm & Shop Thrift Stores!

Keep Calm
Shop Thrift Stores!

I'm lucky to live in the Dallas, Texas area where there is a plethora of places to feed anyone's shopping habits.  People who love to shop are also generally great donaters which help keep the thrift/charity stores running and Dallas has plenty of them.  You could spend an entire weekend thrift shopping and only manage to hit a small percentage of stores. 

At one of my favorite stores, everything with a B or P was another 50% off, how in the world could I resist?

Brand new in the box Pumpernickel Press Cool Cottontail Cards, 16 cards & 17 envelopes. 
My cost .96

Another picture without the lid on so you can see the lovely details on the cards.  I love bunnies, maybe I should get a bunny instead of wanting chickens....hmmmmm.

M&M Treat Sacks-I just liked these, don't have a clue what I'll do with them yet.
My cost .33

Monarch Stationery Set orginally sold at Target.
My cost .96

Monarch Stationery Set

Brand New Hallmark Java Stationery
My cost .96

See inside, just a torn wrapper and original price of $6.95

Coffee Stationery & Envelope

My final cost before tax $3.21, that's a deal to me! 

I also picked up some vintage dishes and several other goodies for a song of a price.  Do you shop at thrift/charity stores or no way you'd step foot in one?  What do you look for?

Postcards Brighten My Day!

Every card I share today
is special in it's own way.
Pretty sheep, lot's of cream
a Lali Riddle and of course
Kirdy's a dream!

Sweet and lovely sheep all the way from Slovenia.  I think I have 11 sheep postcards now in my collection, it's growing slowly but surely. ;)

Beautiful Slovenia Postage Stamps

Nouvelle Image La Petite Cremerie-everything to do with cream, love this card!
Arrived from Finland

Finland Rabbit Postage Stamp

Very cute Lali Riddle postcard from France

France Postage Stamps

Victoria Kirdy-Mice Drying Mushrooms

Russia Postage Stamps

Victoria Kirdy-See My Eggs

Russia Postage Stamp

Has Your Writing Changed During LetterMo?

Oh LetterMo, you've been fun,
I've met many new people during this run.
Will connections last beyond the month, I'm not sure
but writing is easier now and I feel more secure.

I've really enjoyed LetterMo this year, it's be fun and challenging for me.  My first letters started out as more of a statisical roadmap of myself and my interests and evolved to just being me.  If I were to write you a letter this morning, it would more than likely start like this:


When I arrived at a conscious state this morning, cold air was the first thing I noticed, reminding me that I forgot to turn on the heat last night.  Staying in bed was my first choice but my sweet little pup Primrose was just happy I was awake and she wanted to start the day.  I managed to drag myself out of the snuggly warmth of my bed and headed straight for the heater...turned it on!  Next stop, kitchen for hot tea and breakfast for Prim.  She's so happy in the morning's she literally bounces sideways, really a cute sight to see. 

No more pressure to write a certain way or try to be interesting enough, I just write and hope it's received well on the other side.

Has your writing changed during LetterMo?  Did you start out one way and end up another?  Are you more comfortable now?  Do you think the connections you've made will last beyond February?

Lovely mail arrival from the USA & Italy. 

Oh My Postcard Goodness!

Pick up a pen
choose a card
write a few words
don't make it hard.

Tell what you're doing
what's around you
describe your setting
how someone would find you.

Oh, isn't this one of the most adorable postcards you've ever seen!  Such a darling little girl with her sweet puppy.  Honey by Virna Valentina in Russia.

Russia Postage Stamps

I love the entire series of Kotovasiya Cat Postcards and you know I'm always happy to have anything Christmas related arrive in my mailbox at any time of the if you have extra Christmas cards you want to send to someone my mailbox is always accepting! ;)

Russia Postage Stamp

Clay Rabbit Gods-Tu'er'ye, the Rabbit God, is a traditional clay toy which has a human body and a rabbit face.  It is a symbol that is used in Beijing to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival, and is meant to bring good luck and to enhance the festive atmosphere.  Love this, it's a die-cut shaped card!
Arrived from China

China Postage Stamps

Jetoy Chandelier Postcard-I love Jeytoy cards, do you?
Arrived from The Netherlands

Netherlands Postage Stamps

Lovely Letters & Hello's!

Mail time is such a fine time
opens my mind time
shows me what others
see, feel and think!

I don't know about you but I've been blessed by a lot of new friends and Hello's in the mailbox lately! The pics today don't do justice to what's arrived inside these envelopes but I've been so busy writng and sending that taking pics took a back seat...for now.

Mail arrival has been wonderful lately.  A lovely Valentine's card from my penpal in Singapore, handmade envelopes from Ria, a return letter from a new penpal/lettermo participant in the USA, letter from a penpal in Denmark, and a sweet card from a another lettermo participant that also lives here in Texas.

Mail arrival from my lovely penpal Mariska in the Netherlands, return letter from a new penpal through lettermo, penpal letter from Switzerland, letter from Australia through lettermo, letter from USA through lettermo.

Mail on the way

Mail on the way

Mail on the way

Mail on the way

Mail on the way

Mail on the way

Hello Vintage!

History is amazing to me
a view back in time
of how things used to be
simple? happier? maybe?
Either way, I get a glimpse
of life before me.

According to my wonderful kids, if it's old I love it!  I'd say, 99% of the time they are correct!

I happened to be wandering in a store over the weekend when my eyes fell upon numerous Look, Saturday Evening Post and Life Magazines from the 1950's and early 1960's all bundled up in packages and waiting for someone who loves vintage to buy them.  The  I love reading the stories, looking at the ad's and taking a trip back through history.

Look Magazine-October 14, 1958 .20 to purchase Elizabeth Taylor-From Tragedy...New Fame

Saturday Evening Post-September 17, 1960 .15 to purchase Inside Blair House; Is There a "Women's Vote?"

My grandfather worked for Borden's for many, many years.  My mom tells me he used to bring home ice cream in big containers and they would get to eat it on the back porch, fond memories for her.  The first thing I thought of when I saw this ad was my mom.  I sent her a pic of it asking, Do you remember Borden's like this?  She promptly replied, Yes!!!  She then went on to tell me that she remembered Look Magazine from way back when, and really liked them.  I can't wait for her to read them and see all the old ads, maybe she'll remember a story or two to tell me. ;)

Time for Mail!

I'm thankful for my heater
and cup of hot tea,
they keep me warm and cozy
while writing cards and letters
to thee.

License plate postcards are seemingly harder and harder to come by, I was so happy to see this lovely one from Hawaii arrive in my mailbox!

Hugs and Kisses from Arizona, so cute!

USA Theodor Seuss Geisel Postage Stamp

Amazing sunrise at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Kentucky Horse Racing, "Run with the Best"

The the humor on this card!

A Mailbox full of Happiness!

Postcrossing, Swap-bot, Lettermo
whatever you choose
keep writing and sending,
your words and kindness will
brighten many moods!

The very beautiful St. Isaac's Cathedral located in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Arrived from Russia

There is a little series of these cute cards, I think I have 2 or 3 now, adorable!
Arrived from China

Hong Kong, China Postage Stamps all with birds!

I love birds, this pair of Bullfinch's in flight is amazing.  It allows me to see so much of their colors and beautiful wings.  My desk is by windows and hearing the birds sing in the early morning is one of my favorite times of the day.  What's your favorite time of the day?

Germany Tulip and Sonnenhut Postage Stamp

Owls sleep by day and work at night-love this!
Arrived from Taiwan

Taiwna Chrysantha Postage Stamps