Oh Happy Mail!

Mail arrival makes my day brighter,
sends my mood a little higher!

Cute, cute and cute Pillsbury Dough Boy Valentine's Day Postcard from Joe with a wonderful love stamp and hand cancel from Bliss, NY.

Happy Postcrossing postcard from my sweet friend Mariska.  I love it, made me so happy to see it in my mailbox.

Netherlands Postcrossing Postage Stamp

Happy Valentine's Day-Heart Shaped Rose Petals Postcard
Arrived from USA

Mail on the Way~

LetterMo Day 9 on the way~  

LetterMo Day 9 on the way~
4 Responses
  1. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    That Valentine's card is so cute and I love the washi tape on your envelope.

  2. You've had some cute mail today! :) And I'm glad you also received my Postcrossingcard. I liked it so much. :) You'll probably won't see many of the Postcrossingstamps anymore from me, because they don't sell it anymore. :( Have you also received my other envelope, with a short letter and the two cards with candy? I've posted them on the same day.. xxx

  3. Oh, and no sign of my Valentine's card yet? Hope it will all get to you soon! xxx

  4. Jan Says:

    All great mail. I especially love that teddy bear postmark (makes me wish I'd sent my Valentine's to Bliss =D).