Mail In-Mail Out-Mailbox Happiness All About!

LetterMo Day 4 is already here,
1 letter & 2 postcards are departing
to places far and near!

A letter staying here in the USA.  I think these cute pups would like to have their pictures taken! ;)

Hearst Castle and Tennessee Landscape Postcards headed to Japan and Indonesia.

Yesterday's Incoming Mail~

A cute card and note from Sarah in Texas who's also particpating in LetterMo!

This cute Victoria Kirdy postcard arrived, I love the little girl playing dress up!
Arrived from Russia

Inge Look Old Grannies-They are so funny and always have a good time together!
Arrived from Netherlands

Netherlands Postage Stamps

A great new Virginia mapcard, I hope to have one for all 50 states soon! 
4 Responses
  1. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    Great mail! Did you also get that paper tape at Michaels? I love your envelope so much. The postcard from Russia is adorable and those grannies are always cute. I like your outgoing postcards as well.

  2. Love them! :) Especially I like your stamp of "Up". Loved that movie too. :) Yes, I've seen it! Some cartoonmovies are still great. :)

  3. Rachel Says:

    I love that first envelope! Good luck with Lettermo, I'm also a participant!

  4. Missy Terry Says:

    I love your mail art! The postcards you received are cute.