Yay! It's Monday!

Yay! It's Monday,
the mail will run again!
Time to send more
letters and postcards
to my friends!

Mailbox Happiness Arrived~

Alex, I love the One Man Band from Pixar, thank you sweetheart, it's fantastic!
Arrived from USA

My friend Linda from Instagram sent me this cute Bug's Life card, thanks dahling...love it!
Arrived from USA

This card got an awwww as soon as it came out of the mailbox, we just don't get snowy view's like this in Texas (at least my part of Texas) and I love seeing the snow!  What's your favorite kind of postcard to see arrive in your mailbox? 
Arrived from USA

USA Emancipation Proclamation Postage Stamp

Wonderful Incoming LetterMo mail from the USA & England.  I'm having a blast making new friends, hoping you are too!

Mailbox Happiness on the Way~

LetterMo Day 8 Departing to a penpal in the USA.

LetterMo Day 9 Departing to various destinations which means as I write this post I don't remember...ha!

 Envelope Time~

It was time to make some new envelopes for sending letters and what-nots.  Variety is key, I like my options when picking one to decorate and send!

A lot of bright & happy envelopes to pick from for my penpals!

These are in the beginning stages of decorating, owls and hearts...purple and green  ;)

Yes...it's pink, a lot of pink and I love pink!  I hope whomever ends up with this envelope loves pink too! P.S. I think I'm done adding pink...hehe! 

Tell me, what are you sitting right now and 3 things around you?

I'm at my desk which is currently a total and complete wreck.
1. My little heater I can't live without in the mornings~
2. New pictures of the guinea pigs Meredith ordered from Shutterfly~
3. Burt's Bees Res-Q-Ointment, I love it and have used it for years~

3 Responses
  1. lynn Says:

    Oh, I just love your envelopes!

    Me? I'm sitting at my computer desk which is also a wreck!
    Around me...I also have a small heater because this room is COLD!, my new cute little mailbox from the $1 bin at Target and a list of a million things I need to do but don't feel like it!
    Have a great day!

  2. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    Great variety today. I also like having options when sending mail. You certainly have a good variety and nice colors. I am also sitting at my desk which until two weeks ago this room was too cluttered to sit and work in but is still a complete mess and here's what's around me.
    1. My electric heater is on just behind me.
    2. Bulletin board with photos of Justin & me and Sasha.
    3. Cracker Barrel Map hanging on the wall.

  3. Alex Says:

    Glad you received my card and liked it! :D And your envelopes are beautiful! <3

    I'm sitting at my desk right now, trying to work. And three things around me are:
    1. cell phone
    2. water bottle
    3. gum ;-)