Oh My Postcard Goodness!

Pick up a pen
choose a card
write a few words
don't make it hard.

Tell what you're doing
what's around you
describe your setting
how someone would find you.

Oh, isn't this one of the most adorable postcards you've ever seen!  Such a darling little girl with her sweet puppy.  Honey by Virna Valentina in Russia.

Russia Postage Stamps

I love the entire series of Kotovasiya Cat Postcards and you know I'm always happy to have anything Christmas related arrive in my mailbox at any time of the year...so if you have extra Christmas cards you want to send to someone my mailbox is always accepting! ;)

Russia Postage Stamp

Clay Rabbit Gods-Tu'er'ye, the Rabbit God, is a traditional clay toy which has a human body and a rabbit face.  It is a symbol that is used in Beijing to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival, and is meant to bring good luck and to enhance the festive atmosphere.  Love this, it's a die-cut shaped card!
Arrived from China

China Postage Stamps

Jetoy Chandelier Postcard-I love Jeytoy cards, do you?
Arrived from The Netherlands

Netherlands Postage Stamps

3 Responses
  1. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    That first pc is the most adorable card. I've never received any Jetoy cards but I've seen them around and I do like them.

    I mailed you a letter yesterday!

  2. Love your incoming mail! :) The girl from Russia is really adorable! And I begin to like Jetoy more and more myself too.

  3. Jeeni Says:

    I love jetoy!! Their are so pretty!!But i haven´t yet anything.