Happy Valentine's Day & Mail of Course!

Happy Valentine's Day!
I wish you a day full of love, happiness, hugs, kisses and warm moments with your family!

Adorable Mickey & Minnie Mouse Valentine Card from Mariska, so cute!

Mmmmm...Valentine's Day Cupcakes!  I'll have 3 please. ;)

Isn't she cute, the sunflower is bigger than her little face!
Arrived from Germany

Germany Postage Stamps

This postcard is titled: If you go to sleep, I will sing.  I love everything about it, the blues, the way light is used, the cats, toys strewn about the floor...a perfectly detailed postcard!
Arrived from Netherlands

Netherlands Postage Stamps

Wisconsin Dairy Aire...too funny!  I love cow postcards.

Thank You Timdani (LetterMo) for the great card of Salem, Mass.-The Witch City

EMM shared a new Wyoming postcard and note, I'm in love with the stamp on the envelope!

Great letter from Missy (LetterMo), such a cute cat stamp (I love cats)!

Mailbox Happiness on the Way~

This is Popeye fold and mail stationery, I love the bright and happy yellow!

Does your cat stand on you like that?  Mine does...ouch!

Touristy Dallas & Texas Postcards

The Sweet Adeline card is a chain card that I've just started, it will travel the world and arrive home with the back covered with stamps of different countries.

More Texas touristy cards

Vanity Fair Covers

Nightmare Before Christmas, Bird and Illustration

Escher and Sandman
4 Responses
  1. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    Wow, you sure are sending out a lot of different postcards. I like them all. I too, am in love with that hand stamp and I like your rubber stamp too. (love yourself)

    Your rhyming poetry just inspired me and this just now popped into my head.

    Mail goodness all around,
    Hopefully some is Vegas bound.

    I've already received yours so a reply will be on its way soon.

  2. Jannicke Says:

    Happy valentines Day

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!! :)
    Love your mail! You have a lot to read and post! :) Like it so much!
    Is the card not on the last photo, but that one before that, isn't she from the movie of Tim Burton.. eh called "Corpse Bride"? Love that movie! :) Oh no, I now see Nightmare before Christmas... But she looks a lot like here from Corpse Bride.
    Love the stamp with the two hands too! :) Should look for that one too one day. :)

  4. Limner Says:

    What a delightful post. A smile a second. You have some great mail. Oh, those cupcakes! Time to get an apple. :)