Modern and Vintage Christmas Cards to See

Modern and vintage cards to see,
all were sent so lovingly.
Doesn't matter if old or new,
sending love and good
wishes always shines through.

It's raining, beautiful and amazing rain here in my part of Texas today!  Perfect day for writing cards and letters, drinking coffee or hot cocoa, watching football and spending time with the family!  I hope wherever you are and whatever you're doing today, it makes you happy!

Vintage Christmas 1919
Here's Hoping You'll
Have Lots of Good
Things for Christmas
This vintage card Christmas Postcard was postmarked December-1919

Vintage Merry Christmas
A Merry Christmas-The stockings are hung by the chimney with care.  I'm not sure how old this Christmas Postcard is, only that it required one cent for domestic postage.  New, never used.

Vintage Christmas
Christmas-To Greet You in all Sincerity.  Another new vintage Christmas Postcard.

Modern Christmas Cards that arrived this week:  If you were here, you'd be able to hear all the oooh's and aaaah's, squeaks and giggles that happen when these cards arrive! :)

Merry Christmas Santa
Here's comes Santa Claus...all the way from Finland!

Germany Stamp
Beautiful Finland Landscape Stamp

Merry Christmas Cancer Research UK Card 2012
This is a perfect Christmas card to & white, hearts and benefits Cancer Research UK!

Reindeer Pups
Do Christmas cards get any cuter than these dogs/pups with reindeer antlers and sweaters on!  Soooooo adorable!  Arrived from Germany.

Germany Stamp
Germany Stamps

Christmas Bear
The sweetest, cute bear arrived with many good wishes inside.  Such a happy card, glad it found the way to the 2809!

Netherland Stamps
Netherland Stamps including Christmas Stamps

Snowmen Everywhere
Snowmen all around.  Cute and funny!  Arrived from Germany.

Bringing Mail by Special Delivery

Bringing mail by special delivery
Silke Leffler is flying it in, can you see?
Each card and letter is a treasure,
And like my early morning hot cocoa, a real pleasure!

Silke Leffler Special Mail Delivery
There's nothing like a Silke Leffler card to bring the incoming mail!  I drool, slobber and get weak in the knees when one of her cards makes it's way to me!
Arrived from Netherlands.

Netherland Stamps
Netherlands Stamps including a Europa Stamp.

Here Kitty Kitty
Here Kitty, Kitty!  I love cats and my Hershey gets this same look when he wants me stop everything I'm doing and pet him. Arrived from China.

Nunki Illustration
This card comes from a new publisher to me, Nunki.  It speaks volumes without saying a word.
Arrived from China.

PHQ The Big Friendly Giant
PHQ Card of The Big Friendly Giant.  I love any postal related cards!
Arrived from England.

England Stamps
England Stamps, it's my first time to receive this London Olympic Stamp.

Mail Arrival is Lovely To Me

Mail arrival is lovely to me
like a cup of caffiene,
it up's my energy.
Penpal letters, vintage stamps
are like cream and sugar,
they make me want to dance.

Best Wishes & Zip USA Vintage Stamps
These perfectly happy and bright vintage stamps arrived on one of my penpal letters yesterday, talk about making a girl crazy happy!

Penpal Letters from USA
I love the Good Mail and Snail Mail stamps on here.  Lovely handwriting too, don't you think.

Penpal Letter from Malaysia
I finally signed up for Instagram (am I the last one) and this cute letter arrived from an Instagram user in Malayisa yesterday.  So Fun!  I love the stationery!

Malaysia Stamps
Beautiful Malaysia Hibiscus & Green-winged Pigeon Stamps.

Nightviews and Fireworks

Nightviews and fireworks are a preference for me,
Add in a few animals and I'm as happy as can be.
Turn them over and what do I see,
Stamps and words you've written to me.
Your kindness shines through, your thoughts are clear,
Sending mail is something you hold dear.

Anaheim California Magic Kingdom Fireworks
Fireworks over the Magic Kingdom in Anaheim California.

North Carolina Black Bear.
North Carolina Black Bear

Paysages de Lorraine France
Paysages de Lorraine France

France Stamp
Raymond-Duchamp-Villon Stamp from France

The Best Time of the Year is Near

Christmas Cheer arrives in my mail,
with a gentle reminder,                                
the best time of the year is near.

Forever Friends Christmas Bears
I love the Forever Friends Brand from Hallmark, sadly they don't make the line for the USA.  My friend (Hugs to you Nathalie) in the Netherlands sent me this adorable card featuring them and it plays, We Wish You A Merry Christmas!  So adorable!

Netherlands Stamps
Wonderful Stamps from the Netherlands.

Australia Christmas Card
My first Christmas Card from Australia this year. It's hard for me to imagine it being hot on Christmas Day but I know several people in Australia who spend Christmas at the beach.

Australia Olympic Stamp
Australia Olympic Stamp

Merry Christmas Santa China
Ho! Ho! Ho! Cute Santa Postcard from China. 

China Stamps
China Stamps

Merry Christmas Santa & Mail
Santa's got mail!  Arrived from China.

China Stamps
China Stamps

Mail is Sweet, Mail is Fun!

Mail is sweet, mail is fun.
Mail keeps life from being a doldrum.
I'm connecting with people, having so much fun.
Seizing the opportunity, to learn from everyone.

Outgoing 9.24.12
Two more letters out the door, headed for the Netherlands and USA.

Icelandic Mailbox
Original Shaped Icelandic Mailbox/Postbox.  Shaped cards are really fun to receive.  Arrived from Germany.

Germany Stamp
Germany Stamp

Norman Rockwell The Druggist
Norman Rockwell has such a way of capturing glimpses of American Life, getting a card of his is always a pleasure.  The Druggist-Post Cover-March 18, 1939  Arrived from USA

Dreamy White Cat
White Cat-Wonder if he's dreaming or watching something?  So pretty. 
Arrived from China.

Assorted Cows
Cows, Cows, Cows...I Love Cows!  :)  They are mooooovin' on!
Arrived from USA

I Send Regular Mail, Yes I do!

Cats, Dogs, Bears and Bunnies,
Messages, stamps and some are even funny.
I send regular mail, Yes I do!
But as you can tell,
I love holidays too!

 Beautiful Cat
I love this cat, his eyes look like they could tell a million stories. He is on the way to Russia.

Lovely Collection of Dogs
Isn't this a lovely and wonderful collection of dogs!  It's on the way to Germany.

Teddy Bear
An antique Teddy Bear (Bodo, 1955 Steiff) taking flight for China.

Bunny Suicide
Bunny Suicide cards are funny to me, this one is departed to Belarus.

Happy Halloween Cards
Oh, Hello...Halloween will be here before we know it!  These adorable cards are flying off to USA & Japan.

Happy Halloween Cards
More Halloween Postcards making their way to: The Netherlands.

You've Got Christmas Mail
A nice stack of Christmas Cards off to:
Taiwan, Canada, Russia, The Netherlands, USA, Australia and United Kingdom

Santa Claus Card
Santa Claus starting his journey to: Ukraine & Canada

The Mailbox is Always a Surprise!

Neon Lights, vegetable dyes
Cats looking like flags
The mailbox is always a surprise!

Miama Beach at Night
Fun Miami Beach along Ocean Drive at night!  The neon lights give the area a little something extra, don't you think. ;)

USA Painted Cat
Have you seen one of these painted cat cards before?  They use vegetable dye and hair coloring to achieve the look. Can you imagine the cat being still for so long...not my cats!  This card made it across the USA without any postage, shocking!

Mama & Kittens
How Sweet, mama kitty and her little babies out for a stroll.  I love cats, they are such lovely and interesting animals. Arrived from Japan.

Japan Stamps
Japan Stamps