I Opened My Mailbox to See What Would Appear

I opened my mailbox to see what would appear
and believe it our not,
there was a set of Mickey Mouse Ears!

We laughed over memories,
told stories and had fun.
Thank you for sending
magic in the mailbox
Ana, you're a special one!

Mickey Mouse Ears Postcard
Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse!  Oh, it was happy times here!  We held them up to our head, we talked like Mickey Mouse and remembered our trips to both Disney Land and Disney World.  Thanks to my penpal Ana, she always knows just what to send. :)

Mickey Mouse Ears Postcard
Mickey Mouse Ears Postcard-Magic in the Mailbox!
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  1. ana Says:

    I'm so glad it made it safely! I was worried they would get broken or damaged. So glad they made you smile!