Nightviews and Fireworks

Nightviews and fireworks are a preference for me,
Add in a few animals and I'm as happy as can be.
Turn them over and what do I see,
Stamps and words you've written to me.
Your kindness shines through, your thoughts are clear,
Sending mail is something you hold dear.

Anaheim California Magic Kingdom Fireworks
Fireworks over the Magic Kingdom in Anaheim California.

North Carolina Black Bear.
North Carolina Black Bear

Paysages de Lorraine France
Paysages de Lorraine France

France Stamp
Raymond-Duchamp-Villon Stamp from France
2 Responses
  1. shannah Says:

    Haven't heard from you in forever!

  2. Angie Says:

    Hmmmmm...I've replied to all you sent. Maybe something was lost in transit. ;)