The Mail Has Been So Wonderful To Me

Kirdy, girls and crowns to see,
The mail has been so wonderful to me.
Postcards,stamps and stickers too,
Your kindness and good wishes always shine through.

Victoria Kirdy Girl & Cat
Wheeeeeee....Another Victoria Kirdy card!  Her art is fantastic, such love and humor showing through all the cards she creates. 
Arrived from Russia

Russia Stamp
Russia Stamps

Sweet Girl
Isn't she adorable!  I have some of these favorited on my Postcrossing Wall but the first sweet girl that arrived was from Christina here in Texas.  I don't know the series name but I love them!
Arrived from China.

China Stamp
China Stamp

Station Square Brazil
Beautiful & Colorful Station Square in Brazil.  I'm fond of nightivews, they have a way of showing off the angles, curves and special quailites of buildings.
Arrived from Brazil

His & Hers Crowns
Do you ever see a card and think, "I really like that card but there's no way I'll ever get it"?  This is one of those cards for me.  His & Hers Crowns...Oh Happy Day!
Arrived from England

England Stamps-2012 Olympic Stamp
England Stamps including a Gold Medal Winner Olympic Stamp.  Yay!
4 Responses
  1. Amit Says:

    Oh my god!!!! I just love all these cards and I think each one is my favorite and that gold winner stamp is just awesome...

  2. Christina Says:

    How funny that you got another one of those postcards! Angie...I don't know the name of the series either but I bought a set of them because I thought they were so cute!

    I really love the Victoria Kirdy cards too...I might just have to add that to my Postcrossing profile! ;)

    Thanks for sharing all of your fun mail!

  3. Angie Says:

    Amit-I couldn't have said it any better!

  4. Angie Says:

    Christina-I felt so lucky to get one from you and then another's like winning the lottery to me!

    Victoria Kirdy cards are wonderful, her love and sweet spirit shine through every card she makes. I think you'd love them too!