Bringing Mail by Special Delivery

Bringing mail by special delivery
Silke Leffler is flying it in, can you see?
Each card and letter is a treasure,
And like my early morning hot cocoa, a real pleasure!

Silke Leffler Special Mail Delivery
There's nothing like a Silke Leffler card to bring the incoming mail!  I drool, slobber and get weak in the knees when one of her cards makes it's way to me!
Arrived from Netherlands.

Netherland Stamps
Netherlands Stamps including a Europa Stamp.

Here Kitty Kitty
Here Kitty, Kitty!  I love cats and my Hershey gets this same look when he wants me stop everything I'm doing and pet him. Arrived from China.

Nunki Illustration
This card comes from a new publisher to me, Nunki.  It speaks volumes without saying a word.
Arrived from China.

PHQ The Big Friendly Giant
PHQ Card of The Big Friendly Giant.  I love any postal related cards!
Arrived from England.

England Stamps
England Stamps, it's my first time to receive this London Olympic Stamp.
2 Responses
  1. Amit Says:

    Beautiful cards! I love all the cards especially that Roald Dahl stamp postcard. The stamps are great as well.

  2. Angie Says:

    Thanks, I have a small collection of PHQ cards and love them all!