Did You Write Cards or Letters Today?

Did you write cards or letters today,
Are they ready to fly off on their way?
Soon, they'll arrive in someone's mailbox
and you will make their day!

Mila Marquis-Wishing on a Star
Amazing that I was lucky enough to receive another Mila Marquis card.  I think her cards are divine!
Arrived from France

Yourkshire Terrier France Stamp
The most adorable Yorkshire Terrier Stamp from France.
Beautiful Tulips
Tulips are such "Happy" flowers.  This view is beautiful!
Arrived from Netherlands

Netherland Stamps
Blueberry & Tulip Stamps from Netherlands.
2 Responses
  1. snowangel Says:

    Whoo, I love the tulip card with tulip stamp! So nice to have a matching stamp! :) And today I wrote 3 letters and will post them tomorrow.

  2. Amit Says:

    Hey! I too wrote 5 postcards and they are finally going to start their journey tomorrow.I just love that Mila Marquis card and the stamps on both postcards are great!