I Love Your Mail, Words and Stamps!

A special thank you to those that stop by,
choose my address and write a card to fly.
I love your mail, words and stamps,
the time you spent to take a chance.

Watch your mailbox and you shall see
A little something, in return from me.

You Are a Rare Bird PaPaYa Card
Mariska from the Netherlands stopped by along her blog travels and dropped a card in the mail to me...such a lovely card too!  Thank you Mariska, you are a beautiful person!  Arrived from Netherlands

Postcrossing Official Stamp
Netherlands Official Postcrossing Stamp

Fox Head Bear
J. Tills also stopped here along their travels and sent me this Fox Head Bear card!  Thank you so much, I love it!
Arrived from USA.

The Boston Tea Party Stamps
Aren't these Boston Tea Party Stamps fantastic from J. Tills!  Swoon!

6 Responses
  1. Alex Says:

    Funny, I received the same postcard (the pink one with the bird) from my postcard pal from the Netherlands ;-) It's soo pretty! :D

  2. Angie Says:

    Ha! We are both lovely rare birds, I love it! ;)

  3. Amit Says:

    Great postcard from The Netherlands and also the Boston tea party stamps are really pretty!

  4. Mariska Says:

    That's so sweet of you to post my card here! And what a sweet words!
    Can any of you tell me what "rare bird" means? I don't know but I don't want to hurt anyones feelings either... :)
    Hugs, Mariska

  5. Hm I might send a postcard as well soon. I love to send them, and I've way too much of them around here ;-)

  6. Angie Says:

    Hi Mariska-A rare bird is unique, special, one of a kind! A nice thing to say if you ask me! :)

    eccentriclady-That would be fantastic! ;)