Happiness Out Today

Happiness out, it's on the way
Hope it brings them a smile.
What are you mailing today?

A beautiful cat, adorable kitten and fall nature scene left yesterday for Germany (2) and Japan.

The scenery card went to someone who loves nature and plants so he gets the Scouting and Bonsai postage stamps, the cat and kitten went to younger girls who also love Disney so Disney postage stamps are aplenty on their cards.

Make Someone's Day!

If it's cards and letters you like,
cards and letters you must write.
Pen a few, send them on the way,
try it now, make someone's day.

Merry Christmas Santa

Merry Christmas Santa & Reindeer
I guess I'm still a little kid at heart because Santa cards always bring a smile to my face! From the great Santa Claus, pristine white snow, lovely reindeer, pretty red bird and big sack full of apples-everything about this card is perfect to me!  Thank You Ella!
Arrived from Estonia

Estonia Postage Stamp
Estonian 2012 Olympic Postage Stamp

Cute Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Sweet & Silly Reindeers
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
Had a very shiny nose
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it glows...then one foggy Christmas Eve...you know the rest. ;)

England Postage Stamps
England Postage Stamps including a 2011- 1st Class Madonna and Child Christmas Stamp-Inspired by Matthew 1:23, ‘Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us’. 

Habitat for Humanity Christmas Card

Habitat for Humanity Christmas Card
Habitat for Humanity Christmas Card showing a view of Amsterdam with snow, beautiful! 

See the Darling Sheep

Sweet Sheep
You know, I love getting sheep cards!  I have just a few now, maybe 7 or so and I love them all!
Arrived from Netherlands

Netherlands Postage Stamps
Netherlands Postage Stamps

Porec Istria Croatia

Porec Istria Croatia
An interesting building located in Porec Istria Croatia.

Croatia Postage Stamp
Croatia Postage Stamp

Happy Monday to You!

On my list of things to do,
have a Happy Monday
and start anew!

Send a letter, card or two
Mailbox Happiness may
just come to you!

Happy Christmas Cat Waiting at Door

Happy Christmas Cat at Door
Happy Christmas!  This has to be one of my favorite Christmas postcards so far this year.  I love the door scene and the adorable cat just waiting to be let in, maybe for a special warm Christmas meal.
Arrived from Finland.

Finland Postage Stamp
Finland Postage Stamp

Santa & Stars

Santa Claus & Stars
A very cute illustrated Santa among the snow and stars.
Arrived from Netherlands

Netherland Postage Stamps
Netherlands Postage Stamps

Snow White at Christmas

Snow White Christmas Card
Snow White all dressed up for Christmas-from the Christmas Card RR on Postcrossing
Arrived from USA

Sweet House of Happiness

Happy House in Flowers
This House of Happiness postcard falls right into my "cards that make me feel good zone"!  The pinks, oranges and green, sweet little bird on top of a happy little house....mmmmmm...hmmmmm...I like it a lot!
Arrived from France.

France Postage Stamp
France Postage Stamp

Beautiful Owl

Beautiful Owl
I'm in love with owls, and this one has such striking yellow eyes!
Arrived from Germany.

Postcards a Small Price to Pay

Postcards are a small price to pay
to learn about the world
in many different ways.

Postcrossing, Swap-bot
whatever you choose
the education will be yours,
one you'll never lose.

Basilica di St. Antonio Padova Italy
Basilica di Saint Antonio in Padova, Italy
This postcard view of the Basilica shows the the renowned equestrian monument, a bronze masterpiece by Donatello (1453), which uses, for the first time in modern history, the ancient theme of the equestrian monument. Funereal symbols, engraved onto the cenotaph, ensure that the memory of the unyielding leader remains vivid.
Arrived from Italy

les Ocres de Roussillon Italy
les Ocres de Roussillon-Italy
les Ocres de Roussillon is known for it's large ochre deposits (range in colors from orange to red) in and around the village.
Arrived from Italy

Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife-
This postcards shows wildlife clockwise from top left-Emu, Rainbow Lorikeet, Kangroo, Kookaburras
Ulysses butterfly, Little penquins, Echidna, Platypus, Koala and Crocodile
Arrived from Austrailia

The Rose-Bay Willow-Herb Fairy-Cicely Mary Barker

The Rose Bay Willow Herb Fairy-Joy Cicely Mary Barker
The Rose-Bay Willow-Herb Fairy
Flower Fairies of the Wayside by Cicely Mary Barker

Japan Postage Stamps
Japan Postage Stamps

A Pinch of Magic-Silke Leffler

A Pinch of Magic-Silke Leffler
A Pinch of Magic-Silke Leffler

Netherland Postage Stamps
Netherland Postage Stamps

Eugene Ivanov-The Cats with Bad Bents

Eugene Ivanov The Cats with Bad Bents

Russia Postage Stamps

It's a Jetoy Choo Choo Cat Postcard Day

Jetoy Choo Choo Cat Postcards=Mailbox Happiness to me!  I love them and have finally gotten around to uploading the ones that I have so far.  I am always looking to add to my collection if you have any different ones available for trade.

Jetoy Pearl Earring

Jetoy Cookie

Jetoy Cocoa

Jetoy Farm

Jetoy Hair Shop

Jetoy Pink Hood

Jetoy Room

Jetoy Pink Rose

Jetoy Princess

Jetoy Floria

Jetoy Rose

Jetoy Festival

Jetoy Moonlight

Jetoy Tree

Jetoy Ribbon

Jetoy Jewelry

Jetoy Sha sha

Jetoy Peach Apple

Jetoy Red Hat

Jetoy Hawaii

Jetoy Deer

Jetoy Chandelier

Jetoy Laundry

Jetoy Flower

Jetoy Garden

Jetoy Venus

Jetoy Picnic

Jetoy Alice

Jetoy Cake

Jetoy Red Hood

Jetoy Wash Room

Jetoy Alien

Jetoy Red

Jetoy Pearl Shiny

Jetoy Dora

Jetoy Balloon

Jetoy Choo Choo

Jetoy Gamy

Jetoy Universal