It's a New Trip Every Day

I love postcards, how about you?

llustrations, art, places to see
armchair travel is perfect for me.
It's a new trip every day
your my guide
please show me the way.

Adorable Girl Reading
Receiving a card that has to do with books, reading or writing is always a pleasure.  Illustration of Daddy Long Legs by Kim Ji-hyuck.
Arrived from Taiwan

Taiwan Stamps
Tawain Stamps

West Virginia Dolly Sods Wilderness
West Virginia Dolly Sods Wilderness-Blueberry & Huckleberry Bushes

Chicago Illinois-The Windy City

Did You Know? Centennial Olympic Park Atlanta Georgia
Did You Know? Centennial Olympic Park- Alanta, Georgia
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  1. Amit Says:

    I like the first card a lot! and yes, I love to receive postcards.