The State Fair of Texas

The State Fair of Texas,
Not to be missed.
Fletcher's corny dogs,
Put me in bliss.
Wonderful weather,
Cloudy skies.
Amazing times,
Strengthen family ties.

It's October and in Texas that means, The State Fair of Texas is open!  We never miss going, it's always a good time! 

Dallas,Texas  Love My City!
I was able to get this picture with my i-phone while my dear husband was driving.  You can tell because the tree in the foreground is a blur.  We had beautiful cloudy and cool weather.

Hello State Fair of Texas!
Welcome to the State Fair of Texas!

Big Tex Texas State Fair
Big Tex-is 52 foot tall.  He wears size 70 boots, a 75 gallon hat, a size 100 180/181 shirt and 284W/185L XXXXXL pair of Dickies jeans. The pants alone require 72 yards of denim and weigh in at 65 pounds.  He talks too!

State Fair of Texas Midway View
We got there early and had never seen the midway area so empty and I loved all the colors of blues and greens melding together with the huge Ferris Wheel in the background.

Texas State Fair Swing Ride
Beautiful Swing Ride.

Texas State Fair Fletcher's Corny Dogs
Ok, I must admit the number one main reason I attend the fair is to eat a Fletcher's Corny Dog!  They have been around forever and are hands down the very best, finger licking, amazing, corny dogs you'll ever eat! 

With Mustard Only!
In Texas, most of us folks are mustard lovers!  I eat mine with lots and lots of mustard!  Every bite!  So good!

Every year I ask if they have new postcards available, every year they say no.  Every year, I'm disappointed.  These are the few I have in my collection, as you will see, only one could be considered "modern".

Texas State Fair Centennial Building
The Centennial Building, erected as part of the 1936 Texas Centennial Celebration, now houses exhibits from around the world during the 17 day State Fair of Texas.

Texas State Fair Hall of State
The Hall of State at Fair Park in Dallas. 

Texas State Fair 1921
Texas State Fair grounds view prior to 1921.

Texas State Fair Love Bug Ride
Thank goodness they used to have this card, it's our favorite ride!  Love Bugs, you can't go the Texas State Fair and skip this ride, it's too much fun!
2 Responses
  1. Christina Says:

    I'll be going up there to the State Fair soon! It will be our first time so I'm excited! :)

  2. Angie Says:

    I hope you have a great time! Besides the corny dog, I loved the fried red velvet cupcake! Yummy!