The Perfect Day to Write a Friend

Monday, Monday you've come again,
the perfect day to write a friend.
A note, card or letter will do,
let them know you care in a word or two.

Anne Taintor-It's So Involved Being Me
Who doesn't love Anne Taintor and her humor? 

Mostar Bridge-Bosnia Hercegovina
The Original Mostar Bridge in Bosnia Hercegovina.  It was knocked down during the war and has since been rebuilt.

Bosnia Hercegovina
Bosnia Hercegovina Stamps

Oregon Twin Rocks
The Oregon Coastline is one of America's most beautiful places to me.  This card shows Twin Rocks, they are 100ft. high offshore in the Pacific Ocean.

Pretty Paper Dolls
Adorable Paper Doll card.  I remember playing with paper dolls when I was a kid...long, long ago. ;)
Arrived from Malaysia

Malaysia Stamp
Malaysia Stamp
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