A Brand New Week

A brand new week
A fresh new start
Go forward
Write from your heart.

Letter from Amit-India
A wonderful letter from Amit at Postcard & Mail Corner

Letter from Troy-USA
Troy, his amazingly beautiful handwriting and so many fancy pens.

Outgoing Mail 10.22.12
Outgoing today.

Merry Christmas Decorated Tree
Merry Christmas-love this bright and happy decorated Christmas Tree with all the cute packages underneath.
Arrived from Norway.

Norway Stamp
Norway Stamp

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Santa & Animals
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
This card and the card below look to be part of a set.  I love Santa Cards and animals so these are just perfect to me.
Arrived from Belgium

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Santa & Animals
See note above.

Sydney Harbour New South Wales Australia
Sydney Harbour-New South Wales-Australia
Nightview cards are always special to receive, this one in particular in fantastic. 
Arrived from Australia

Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin
View of the Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin.  Beautiful.
Arrived from Russia

Russia Stamps
Russia Stamps

Cat at Night
This fat cat with his pipe and beer is simply titled: Night
From Postcrossing Favorites
Arrived from Russia

Russia Stamp
Russia Stamps
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  1. Amit Says:

    Troy has got amazing handwriting and I love all the cards you have received.