Beautiful Art Cards Today!

Beautiful art cards for you today.
Postcrossers  are amazing in their own way.
Sending cards and mail around the world,
a trail so wonderful, it can't be ignored.

Children among Flowers Fedot Sychlov
Children among Flowers 1932 by Fedot Sychkov.  Bright and beautiful paintings like this always make me smile.  I think I'll try to start a little collection of his cards.  Arrived from Russia.

Russia Stamps
Fantastic Russia Stamps.

Cat & St. Petersburg Lion's Bridge Russia
This beautiful painted cat is overlooking the St. Petersburg Lion's Bridge in Russia.  Painted by Maria Pavlova.  Her work is amazing.  I don't know the exact name of the painting, it's all written in Russian. If you read here and know it, would you tell me. Thank you my dear Ira for telling me the artist, maybe you have extra cards for a trade with me? ;)

Russia Stamps

I was estatic to see these beautiful stamps on the card.  Women riding horses, their dresses and the dogs.  Stamps are amazing little peices of art to me.
5 Responses
  1. Amit Says:

    I love that first art card so much that I can't stop looking at it. I think you are absolutely right about stamps being little pieces of art. I love the second card and also those Russian stamps.

  2. Alex Says:

    Russia always has such nice stamps! :)

    Oh btw...your blog is the first one I visit every morning..just thought you'd like to know ^^ It's my favorite <3

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi my dear!
    It's Maria Pavlova - artist from Saint-Petersburg
    (I'm about painted cat ;))
    I'm very fond of her works, some cards are on the way to me...
    Your, Ira ;)

  4. Angie Says:

    Amit-Russia is one of my favorite countries to get mail from! I'm glad you like it too! :)

  5. Angie Says:

    Dearest Alex, Really? You've just made my month! Thank You! ;)