A Lot of Mailbox Happiness in My Life!

Thank You Dear for stopping by,
you really know how to make my spirits fly.
Receiving mail from you is a wonderful thing,
the words you write make my heart sing.

Floral Card from Wells
Much to my surprise, this lovely card appeared in my mailbox from a new reader.  Thank you dear, you certainly know how to make this girls day!

I started this blog to have a nicer visual way to organize my cards (flickr is a bit boring) and the idea that anyone else likes/looks at/reads what I put out here tickles me pink!

Happy Penquins in the Snow
Aren't the penquins the cutest!  It's actually a glittery Christmas card.
Arrived from Canada

Merry Christmas from Russia
Merry Christmas, bright and happy!
Arrived from Ukraine.

Merry Christmas or New Year's from Russia
Happy New Year. 
Arrived from Ukraine.

Inge Look Happy Easter-Cat at Door
Here is an Inge Look card minus the cute Grannies but with their lovely white kitten.  From my Postcrossing Favorites.
Arrived from Finland

Finland Easter Stamp
Findland Stamp

Hearts in your Coffee
Love Hearts, Yes I do!  What a scrumptious card to find in the mailbox here at the 2809!  From my Postcrossing Favorites too!
Arrived from Denmark

Danmark/Denmark Stamps
Denmark Stamps

2012 London Olympic Rings
2012 London Olympic Rings.
Arrived from-I don't know where, it's a Samsung Touchnote Card.  No indication of where they mail from. 
2 Responses
  1. GotThatSwing Says:

    The cards say Happy New Year and Merry Chrismas. They celebrate New Year's Eve first and Christmas afterwards:)

  2. Angie Says:

    Thank You very much!