Write a Card or Letter and Send Off to a Friend

It's a new week, time to start again.
Write a card or letter and send off to a friend.
An encouraging thought, a positive quote,
Your love and kindness they will surely take note.

Stone Heart
This new heart card is wonderful for my collection, it arrived from Russia.

Russia Stamps
Russia Stamps

Trent & Mersey Canal
Trent & Mersy Canal-At it's narrowest point it's 7ft. wide and the widest is 14ft.  Not much room for error when navigating, which means my husband would never let me drive. ;)

England Stamp

Gondola Boats in Italy
Beautiful Gondolas in Venice Italy.

Italy Stamps
Italy Stamps

Amish Buggy & Jackson Mill Covered Bridge
I was so delighted to get this Amish card.  I have a very small collection of them and this will fit just perfectly.  If anyone who reads here has any and would like to trade, please let me know.
1 Response
  1. Alex Says:

    Oh the whale stamp is BEAUTIFUL!! Not too long ago I was thinking about how much I'd love to design a stamp..and I was thinking about making whale stamps LOL
    I'll keep my eyes open for Amish postcards....but I'd probably have to live in PA to find some ^^