Penpal Letter Leaving Today

Another letter departed today,
to a very patient penpal
across the USA.

Yay! Another letter on the way today.  Supplies used were an old map book to make the envelope, hello sticker and snail mail rubber stamp.  Easy peasy!

Happy New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year's Eve!

We will be celebrating quietly at home, how about you?

Pretty vintage New Year postcard, somehow it's survived many, many years without ever being used.  It has a home now in my small collection of New Year cards.  

Penpal Letters

My spirit is less numb,
the words seem to flow.
Time to send letters,
and let my penpals know.

I am lucky to have such wonderful and understanding penpals.  Since Oreo passed, I could hardly put pen to paper but you kept writing and sending me strength through your continued letters.  Thank you!

My spirit isn't as raw now, and I felt called back to my pens and paper.  This time, the words flowed instead of the tears.  I still have plenty to catch up on but here's what I've sent so far.

One of my favorite papers to use for an envelope, the shapes remind me of big beautiful snowflakes on pretty white snow.

The Life unscripted stamp is perfect because this letter contain's my life....unscripted!

I'm in lust with the New Ladybird Johnson Forever Postage Stamps!

Sweet, adorable birds!  I loved this stationery set the second I laid my eyes on it, into my shopping basket it went. Now a letter on the way, hoping to brighten her day!

A few cards on the way to the USA & The Netherlands. 

Wishing You Peace, Happiness & Holiday Good Cheer!

Christmas Day is drawing near.
I wish you all Peace, Happiness
& Holiday Good Cheer!

This will be my last post before Christmas, I'm also sharing a very small part of the Christmas Cards I've received this year.  I love them all!

I'm thankful for everyone that still loves to send Christmas cards through the mail.  They are special, tangible, generally handwritten and filled with wonderful sentiments.  The sender has taken the time to choose the card, write a message, address and stamp the envelope and send it on the way and always brighten's the receivers day. 

Christmas Mail from Russia, China, Spain & Lithuania

Christmas cards have a way
of brightening spirits
no matter the day.

Lovely images
full of good wishes
bringing holiday cheer
and thoughts of the new year.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo-Perfectly sweet and tender card.
Arrived from Russia

Postage Stamps from Russia including a Christmas Stamp

The time is drawing near, Santa will soon be here!  I love Santa Cards!
Arrived from China.

China Postage Stamp

Santa Claus in the Jack in the Box. 
Arrived from Spain

Oh Christmas Tree
Arrived from Spain

Spain Postage Stamp

Merry Christmas Santa & Snowman
Arrived from China

Santa in the Snow
Arrived from Lituania

Lithuania Postage Stamp

Christmas Mail from Lithuania, Finland, Germany & China

As Christmas draws near
cards still arrive
with lovely messages
scribed inside.

Fantastic Snow Cat and any card that has a birdy tucked in somewhere is always a major plus for me!
Arrived from Lithuania.

Lithuania Postage Stamps

Season's Greetings & Happy New Year by Minna Immonen.  Love her work and get downright giddy when *any* card arrives in my mailbox by her.
Arrived from Finland.

The Midnight Service by Stanley Cooke-this card is really something special.  I have it on my desk, visible at all times.
Arrived from Germany

Germany Postage Stamp

Here Comes Santa Claus, all the way from Lithuania!  Isn't he cute!

Lithuania Postage Stamps

Merry Christmas arriving from far, far away...China!  So cute!

Christmas from Russia, Estonia, Japan & Lithuania

A fresh batch of cards to see,
Christmas is so special to me.
My mailbox has been filled with cheer,
what a great way to top off the year!

Am I the only one who loves sweet birds on cards?  This beauty arrived from Russia.

Sweet children finishing up the snowman they made.  Love the cute pup and birds watching what's going on.
Arrived from Estonia.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa's finished checking his list and is on the way!
Arrived from Estonia.

Estonia Year of the Dragon Postage Stamp

Japan Kintai Bridge at Christmas, little Santa's everywhere!
Arrived from Japan.

Japan Postage Stamps, my favorite is the Christmas one!

Sledding Down the Hill-cute unicef card with snowman and children sledding down a very snowy hill!
Arrived from Lithuania

Lithuania Griezle Postage Stamp

Christmas Angel, so pretty!
Arrived from Lithuania

Lithuania Train Postage Stamp

Regular Mail...Out!

It's not Christmas, this is true.
I thought it was time to send something new.

Howdy from Texas, Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Horse Drawn Buggy at Sunset, Dallas Skyline at Night.

Salivdor Dali, Hello Kitty, Cute Kitten, Flower Illustration, Sandman, Colorful Art Card

USA Postage Stamps:
Ronald Reagan
Great Film Directors: Frank Capra, John Huston
Send a Smile: Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles
Cherry Blossom Centennial
George Washington

Saturday Morning

Early Saturday Morning
The house is dark and quiet
Nothing fills the air  but my soft lamplight.

This part of the day truly feeds my soul
Time to re-group, what does the day hold?
Check my lists, get shopping done
And the biggest priority...have some fun!

Dreamy Christmas from Estonia

I literally melted into a puddle when this beautiful card arrived from Estonia.  Dreamy, sweet, tender, idealistic.

Certainly not the winter scenes we get here in Texas but a girl can dream right!

Estonia Christmas Postage Stamp

Russia Red Square at Christmas

I love cards and stamps that come from Russia!

Add in a little Christmas and and a few fireworks....I'm over the moon!

Russia Postage Stamps

Vintage Santa Mail Related Postcard

Mail Related...Check

It's a Merry Happy Day!

My Latest Stationery Thrift Finds!

Thrift Stores are so fun
if I see stationery
I literally run!

Pretty paper with
envelopes that match
will be perfect for my
paper stash!

What...a post that's not Christmas related today! 

Even during the busy holiday season, I still make time to stop in at my favorite local thrift and charity stores, there are always treasures to be found of some kind or another.  Here are my latest: 

This box of pretty stationery only set me back $1.50.  It contains stationery sheets & folded cards, matching envelopes for both and pretty stickers to use as seals. 

Brand new box of stationery-$1.50.  If you were in the store with me, you'd have seen me jumping up and down...Oh Happy Day!

Brand new sealed set of 2 Moleskine Ruled Notebooks for $1.69.  I felt like a squirrel who had just found the nut of the day with this treasure in my cart!  Delighted out of my mind!

Vintage Hallmark napkins still in the package for .29, the original price on the back is .69.  I love them!

Do you shop at thrift and charity stores?  Look for certain items?