Of Course, More Christmas Mail!

How about a little more Christmas mail and stamps today, I love the season of Christmas! 

I'm so smitten with this card of Christmas Sheep, I think I'll keep it with my small sheep collection instead of my Christmas collection. 
Arrived from Germany.

Beautiful Germany Christmas or Winter Postage Stamp

I would love to open my front door and see wonderful snow like that but here in Texas we are still wearing short sleeves as of yesterday.
Arrived from Netherlands.

Beautiful Christmas and Regular Postage Stamps from The Netherlands

A wonderful Vintage Reprint of Santa Claus.
Arrived from USA

USA Christmas Postage Stamp-Sad about the super heavy cancellation and right over Santa's cute face too!

Ooooohhhhh, isn't she adorable!  This was actually sent to Meredith from a wonderful friend in the UK.  He know's how much she loves getting mail and thoughtfully sent this along from across the pond. 

United Kingdom Postage Stamps including a 2012 Gold Medal

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  1. Alex (Maine) Says:

    On your blog I always see all those beautiful German stamps...and I never saw them when I lived in Germany! Did the German postal service hide them from me? LOL The one with the snowy little house is very beautiful. <3