My Latest Stationery Thrift Finds!

Thrift Stores are so fun
if I see stationery
I literally run!

Pretty paper with
envelopes that match
will be perfect for my
paper stash!

What...a post that's not Christmas related today! 

Even during the busy holiday season, I still make time to stop in at my favorite local thrift and charity stores, there are always treasures to be found of some kind or another.  Here are my latest: 

This box of pretty stationery only set me back $1.50.  It contains stationery sheets & folded cards, matching envelopes for both and pretty stickers to use as seals. 

Brand new box of stationery-$1.50.  If you were in the store with me, you'd have seen me jumping up and down...Oh Happy Day!

Brand new sealed set of 2 Moleskine Ruled Notebooks for $1.69.  I felt like a squirrel who had just found the nut of the day with this treasure in my cart!  Delighted out of my mind!

Vintage Hallmark napkins still in the package for .29, the original price on the back is .69.  I love them!

Do you shop at thrift and charity stores?  Look for certain items? 
5 Responses
  1. oh good that blue moleskine is really cute! and the letter sets are so cheap! lucky you!

  2. Nereida Says:

    I love your stationery finds, specially the one with the flowers. It's amazing!!

  3. Tanya Says:

    OMG, I have never seen such beautiful stationery! o_0 Lucky you...:D

    and those napkins are lovely.

  4. Julie Says:

    Wow, only $3 for 2 pretty stationery boxes... Lucky you!

  5. Melissa Bo Says:

    Loved your thrift store finds! =)

    When I go shopping at thrift stores, I usually look for books or small tables / or bookcases.