Very Merry Big Handmade Holiday Envelope

Recently, I sent a Christmas package to my lovely penpal in Germany.  I wanted to send it in a nice, big, holiday themed envelope, without buying one for $5 or more (envelopes are expensive these days). 

My brain cells actually kicked in gear and I remembered that I'd picked up a huge Christmas themed coffee table book on clearance in the summer for just $1.50.  I love it when I have an ah-ha moment at exactly the right time...they are rare these days!

If you make envelopes you know what happened next:
book, exacto knife, glue, tape, all made it to one area and in about 5 minutes, I had a very merry holiday envelope ready to fill with goodies and mail to Germany! 

2 Responses
  1. all them are a beautiful cards, I love the first one. xxxoo

  2. Alex Says:

    What a cool idea! And the envelope looks beautiful!! I'm sure your friend will love it! :) It's good to buy things throughout the year when you find them, cause then you have something cool when you need it :) I found some awesome Halloween craft items on sale yesterday I'm gonna use for my mailart next year :D