Christmas from Russia, Estonia, Japan & Lithuania

A fresh batch of cards to see,
Christmas is so special to me.
My mailbox has been filled with cheer,
what a great way to top off the year!

Am I the only one who loves sweet birds on cards?  This beauty arrived from Russia.

Sweet children finishing up the snowman they made.  Love the cute pup and birds watching what's going on.
Arrived from Estonia.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa's finished checking his list and is on the way!
Arrived from Estonia.

Estonia Year of the Dragon Postage Stamp

Japan Kintai Bridge at Christmas, little Santa's everywhere!
Arrived from Japan.

Japan Postage Stamps, my favorite is the Christmas one!

Sledding Down the Hill-cute unicef card with snowman and children sledding down a very snowy hill!
Arrived from Lithuania

Lithuania Griezle Postage Stamp

Christmas Angel, so pretty!
Arrived from Lithuania

Lithuania Train Postage Stamp
2 Responses
  1. Alex Says:

    I love Russian Christmas cards! :D

  2. Amit Says:

    So beautiful cards!!! I am so envious at the moment because I did not get a single Christmas card till now.