Penpal Letters

My spirit is less numb,
the words seem to flow.
Time to send letters,
and let my penpals know.

I am lucky to have such wonderful and understanding penpals.  Since Oreo passed, I could hardly put pen to paper but you kept writing and sending me strength through your continued letters.  Thank you!

My spirit isn't as raw now, and I felt called back to my pens and paper.  This time, the words flowed instead of the tears.  I still have plenty to catch up on but here's what I've sent so far.

One of my favorite papers to use for an envelope, the shapes remind me of big beautiful snowflakes on pretty white snow.

The Life unscripted stamp is perfect because this letter contain's my life....unscripted!

I'm in lust with the New Ladybird Johnson Forever Postage Stamps!

Sweet, adorable birds!  I loved this stationery set the second I laid my eyes on it, into my shopping basket it went. Now a letter on the way, hoping to brighten her day!

A few cards on the way to the USA & The Netherlands. 
4 Responses
  1. Ana Says:

    Ooo! One for me! So excited!

  2. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    I'm excited to get one from you as well. I have thought about you a lot since your last letter. (I hope that didn't sound creepy)

  3. the first letter was amazing! the stamp is too cute!

  4. Melissa Bo Says:

    Such pretty stationary! =)