Oh, Happy Day!

Oh, Merry Christmas!
Oh, Happy Day!
Thank You Very Much,
For Sending Wonderful Cards My Way!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Card from Japan.
In person, this card is beautiful.  I love the Cherry Blossom Trees and Santa's sleigh.

Japan Christmas Fairy Postage Stamp and Flower Postage Stamps

Happy Christmas Card from The Netherlands.  Many reasons to love this card, it's a UNICEF Charity Card, adorably illustrated, has just a touch of glitter and the best...the mouse is holding a Christmas Card all stamped and ready to mail!

The Netherlands Postage Stamps

A Happy Christmas Girl with Snowballs Vintage Reprint Card.
Arrived from Ukraine

Pretty blue Angels decorating a Christmas tree in the snow.
Arrived from Finland.

Finland Postage Stamps with bird.

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