Christmas Cards

Sending a little Christmas Cheer early this year at the Holiday RR over at Postcrossing. (Link is in my sidebar if you'd like to join.)

Snowman Dance
Snowman Dance

Snowmen Are Made in Heaven
Snowmen Fall from Heaven Unassembled

Thomas Kincade-St. Nocholas Square
Thomas Kincade-St. Nicholas Square

Christmas Trees
Christmas Trees

Music Man-Snowman
The Music Maker-Snowman

Christmas Tree Die-Cut
Diecut Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas Snowman
Merry Christmas Snowman

A Few Cards Fly Away Today

I'm happily sending off a few postcards today. 

Marilyn Monroe
The lovely Marilyn headed to The Netherlands

Red Wine
Red Wine off to Ireland

Route 66
Route 66 headed for Slovenia

Muav Limestone & Supai Sandstone
Sandstone & Limestone Formations flying to Russia