A Big Variety of Cards to See

Here I am on wednesday am
ready to post lovely mail that came in,
a big variety of cards to see
make me as happy as can be!

Beautiful Peacock
This is the first Peacock card I've received, it's beautiful.  The blue and green colors are so vibrant!
Arrived from UK.

Vanity Fair Cover Skiing Lake Placid 1936
It's always exciting when someone parts with a Vantity Fair postcard.  This is the Skiing at Lake Placid cover dated 1936.
Arrived from USA

Torri Gate of Itsukushima Shrine & Fireworks Japan
Fireworks!  Love them! This card shows the Torri Gate of Itsukushima Shrine in Itsukushima Japan.
Arrived from Japan

Japan Stamps
Japan Stamps

Time for Christmas Mail~

Kitten & Puppy at Christmas
Sweet Puppy & Kitten under the Christmas Tree.
Arrived from USA.

USA Disney Ants Stamp
USA Disney Ant Stamp

Merry Christmas Snowman
Merry Christmas Snowman & Birds
Arrived from Australia

Australia Gold Medal Stamp
Australia Gold Medal Stamp

Big Eye Christmas Card
Big Eye Cat and Snowman Christmas Card
Arrived from Taiwan.

Taiwan Stamp
Taiwan Stamp

White Bear & Tree Christmas
White Bear & Snowy Trees Merry Christmas
Arrived from Belgium

Belgium Stamp
Belgium Stamp

New Envelope Set in the store.
New Envelope Set-MailboxHappiness on Etsy
A new envelope set I added to my shop, Mailbox Happiness, on Etsy.  These come plain with no address labels or seals so you can finish them off in whatever style works for you!

Envelope Close Up-MailboxHappiness on Etsy
Close up of  new envelope set I added to my shop, Mailbox Happiness, on Etsy.
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  1. Karen Says:

    When I run out of larger envelopes I use pages from my 'page-a-day' calendars. I buy the shoe & purse ones each year, and the paper is heavy enough for sturdy envelopes. I enjoy looking at your blog, and thought I's say hi!