Want a Cute Envelope but Don't Have the Time?

Want a cute envelope but don't have the time?
Peek in my etsy shop, there's lots to find.
Holidays, fantasy, bold and bright
there's something to make your outgoing
mail just right!

I love to make envelopes and have tons of supplies so I've opened Mailbox Happiness on Etsy.  All of my envelopes come with the address label attached and a seal to close the envelope.  Make someone's day by sending them bright & happy mail!

They are great for all sorts of uses:
Letters to Friends
Penpal Letters
Love Letter to your darling
Photo Mailer
Include in journals
Swap with friends
Write a note or letter and mail to your daughter/son or grandchildren (kids love to get mail).

Christmas Envelopes
Christmas Brights Envelope 4 Pack on Etsy.

Recycled Fantasy Envelope Pack
Recycled Fantasy Envelope 4 Pack on Etsy.

Donuts, Ducks & Rainbows Envelope Pack
 Donuts, Ducks & Rainbow 4 Pack on Etsy.

Butterfly Brights Envleope Pack
 Butterfly Brights Envelope 4 Pack on Etsy.

Kitty Cat & Red Envelope Pack
Kitty Cat & Red Envelope 4 Pack on Etsy.
3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    love your envelopes. thanks for sharing. i will definitely purchase some in the future from your etsy store.

    if you are interested i am hosting a free prize/giveaway via my blog.

  2. Muriel Says:

    I love them! they're so cute :)

  3. Angie Says:

    Ria & Muriel-Thanks so much for the kind words! I've added another different set today.