All the Way from Texas!

Letters and Postcards for all to see,
Traveling the earth so eagerly.
Coming to you, bringing a smile.
All the way from Texas,
Now that's a lot of miles.

Penpal letters on the way today.
A few penpal letters on the way to here, there and yonder.  Hope they all travel safely.

Leaving today.
Postcards making their way all over the globe!  So long, farewell...

Candy Coated Lips
Mmmmmm...Candy coated lips in bright colors.
Arrived from Netherlands.

Crimean Falls
Waterfall flowing from the Crimean Mountains in Ukraine.
Arrived from Ukraine.

Taiwan Grocery Store
Illustrated Taiwan Grocery Store.  Look how much is squeezed on this card, ice cream, soda, candy, mail box, telephone, etc.  So cute!
Arrived from Taiwan.

Taiwan Stamp
Taiwan Year of the Dragon Stamp

Nebraska Sunset
Lovely Nebraska Sunset
Arrived from USA
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