Mail is Sweet, Mail is Fun!

Mail is sweet, mail is fun.
Mail keeps life from being a doldrum.
I'm connecting with people, having so much fun.
Seizing the opportunity, to learn from everyone.

Outgoing 9.24.12
Two more letters out the door, headed for the Netherlands and USA.

Icelandic Mailbox
Original Shaped Icelandic Mailbox/Postbox.  Shaped cards are really fun to receive.  Arrived from Germany.

Germany Stamp
Germany Stamp

Norman Rockwell The Druggist
Norman Rockwell has such a way of capturing glimpses of American Life, getting a card of his is always a pleasure.  The Druggist-Post Cover-March 18, 1939  Arrived from USA

Dreamy White Cat
White Cat-Wonder if he's dreaming or watching something?  So pretty. 
Arrived from China.

Assorted Cows
Cows, Cows, Cows...I Love Cows!  :)  They are mooooovin' on!
Arrived from USA
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  1. snowangel Says:

    Wooooo, lots of nice cards! I love the cows' card. So cute! :)