Penpal Letters, Mail from Australia & Ukraine

Postman, Postman what will it be,
Letters, packages, cards to see?
USA, overseas, it doesn't matter to me,
Connecting with people is important, you see.

Letters off to penpals today. #penpal #letter #mail #showandmail
Penpal Letters starting their trip today.  One of them has a very
long way to go. ;)  All of these are making their trip in envelopes I made.

Sending lots of Disney love today! #showandmail #penpal
Sending out a lot of Disney Stamps yesterday!

Australia Love Maxicard
Heart Maxicard from Australia, I love heart cards!
Arrived from Australia

Funny Cats by Ekaterina Chuikova
Funny Cats by Ekaterina Chuikova!  These silly cars are so adorable!
Arrived from Ukraine

Ukraine Stamps
Ukraine Butterfly & Floral Stamps
4 Responses
  1. snowangel Says:

    Whaaaaa! I love these Disney stamps! They're so cute!

  2. Amit Says:

    Wow!! Love those envelopes that you made and the Disney stamps are my favorites.The incoming mail is great as well!

  3. Pearl Maple Says:

    Fabulous blog, so many pretty postcards