Mail Is So Good For You

Mail is so good for you,
Brings your spirit up a notch or two.
Opening your mailbox to find a postcard, letter or note
Aren't you happy to know someone took their time and wrote.

Never too early to send a little Christmas Cheer!
First of the 2012 Christmas Mail leaving the 2809!

Sending Christmas Cheer! #christmas #card #snailmailrevolution #mail #stamps #snailmail
Second batch of Christmas mail leaving the 2809.  I was so happy to have some leftover Christmas stamps from 2011. 

USA Christmas Stamps 2012
I am thrilled about the 2012 Christmas Stamps this year.  They go on sale October 11th!

Postcards off today!
Don't worry, I'm still sending "regular" mail too.  ;)

On the way to penpals today! #penpal #friend #snailmailrevolution #mail #letter
Penpal letters on the way, both to the USA.

Christmas Tree in Blue & Gold
A beautifully decorated Christmas Tree, arrived from Poland.

Funny Christmas Reindeer
Funny Reindeer, arrived from Germany.

Germany Stamp
Germany Stamp

Red Christmas Ornaments-Christmas Postcard
Gorgeous Red Ornaments, arrived from Poland.

Polar Bears Christmas Card
Cute illustrated Polar Bears arrived from Russia.

Russia Christmas Stamp
Snowman and Santa 2005 Russia/Russian Christmas Stamp.

4 Responses
  1. GotThatSwing Says:

    I like how you start each post with a little poem:)
    Lovely Christmas cards, though it's too early to even think about Christmas for me:P

  2. Angie Says:

    Oh, thank you for the kind words about my poems.

    You can just say, I love the Christmas Spirit!

  3. Alex Says:

    Aaah last night I was thinking about starting my list of people I'm going to send Christmas cards to this year since I'm sooo looking forward to the holiday season! ;-) I love the new Christmas stamps and I'm definitely buying them when they come out! :D And I agree, the Polish ornaments are beautiful! :)

  4. Amit Says:

    Lovely batch of Christmas mail!!! I love the Christmas stamp that is going to be released this year by USPS and I also like the cards you have received especially the ornament card from Poland.