The Mailbox is Always a Surprise!

Neon Lights, vegetable dyes
Cats looking like flags
The mailbox is always a surprise!

Miama Beach at Night
Fun Miami Beach along Ocean Drive at night!  The neon lights give the area a little something extra, don't you think. ;)

USA Painted Cat
Have you seen one of these painted cat cards before?  They use vegetable dye and hair coloring to achieve the look. Can you imagine the cat being still for so long...not my cats!  This card made it across the USA without any postage, shocking!

Mama & Kittens
How Sweet, mama kitty and her little babies out for a stroll.  I love cats, they are such lovely and interesting animals. Arrived from Japan.

Japan Stamps
Japan Stamps
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  1. Alex Says:

    Oh wow, that must be one patient cat LOL Mine would have never sat still long enough to be painted on ^^ Plus I like their natural fur better than paint! Poor kitty :-/