Sending Mail Will Help Cheer Your Mood

Happy, sad or just feeling blue?
Sending mail will help cheer your mood.
Prepare a few postcards and send them out,
Before you know it, you'll have a lot to be happy about!

Can You Find Moshi Under the Sea?
I think this is so cute.  It's called a Where's Moshi card, a spin on the Where's Waldo cards. Lots of bright colors and the back is all pink.
Arrived from Malaysia.

Malaysia Stamp
Malaysia Stamp

PHQ Liverpool and Manchester Railway 1830
I collect PHQ and other postal issued cards, this Liverpool and Manchester Railway is a new one for me.
Arrived from England

England Stamps
England Stamps

Blue & Orange Beautiful Bird
A beautiful bird, the writer said maybe a kingfisher but she wasn't sure.  If you happen to know, please let me know so I can identify if correctly.
Arrived from USA

USA Vintage Stamps
Vintage USA Postage Stamps-Just Dance & John Muir Conversationist

Isle of Wight England
Isle of Wight-The Isle of Wight is a county and the largest island in England, located in the English Channel, on average about 2–5 miles (3–7 km) off the south coast of the county of Hampshire, separated from the mainland by a strait called the Solent. The Island has many resorts which have been holiday destinations since Victorian times.

Happy Easter
Happy Easter Vintage Reprint from 1925, it's the first Easter Bunny I've seen smoking. ;)
Arrived from Germany
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