Mail, Mail How Lucky for Me

Mail, Mail how lucky for me,
Your arrival is always such a fine sight to see.
What will be there, what will they say
Mail brings people closer each and every day.

Little Girl Eating Ice Cream
How cute is this little girl with her rosy pink cheeks, sailor dress and ice cream cone!  She arrived here at the 2809 from Christina, a reader here.  Christina, Thank You & I love her! I'd love to send you something back if you'll send me your address.
Arrived from USA.

The Little Grey Men
The Little Grey Men Book Cover 1962.
Arrived from The Netherlands.

Cumberland Falls State Park Kentucky
Cumberland Falls is the largest waterfall in Kentucky, measuring 125ft. wide with a 68ft. drop.
Beautiful, isn't it. 
Arrived from USA.

My very first Zetangle Postcard, these are amazing!
Arrived from USA.
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  1. Amit Says:

    I just love this set of cards that you have received especially the cute girl,puffin book cover and the last one. They are really unique and pretty!
    Also, thank you for commenting on my handwriting and I'm glad that you liked it.