Writing the First Letter and Mail of Course!

It's just a few days into A Month of Letters and when I sit down to write a letter to a prospective penpal I feel a little like a new car (or maybe used) sitting in the lot just waiting for someone to take a look at me and decide whether they want a test drive...or not.

My mind says...am I shiny enough, interesting enough, clean enough, is my ride smooth or am I just a regular car that's very comfortable, cushy to ride in, already has the first dent and doesn’t mind if you bring your fries and drink inside.

Do people want the shiny, interesting, clean and smooth or are they ok with the comfortable, bring your fries, turn up the music, have a good time kind of car?

Is it necessary to have million hobbies or is my family, postcards, movies, animals, reading, letter writing and never a dull day life enough? I'm not a farmer (still wish I could have chickens), knitter, writer, fountain pen geek or any of those other cool things.  I'm just me. Sensitive, loving, caring, stubborn, likes to have options, happy, wife and mom.

Soooooo....if you receive a letter from me, I'll be the one pulling up in the comfy car, good music on...looking forward to having a good time with you!

Now to the mail~

A wonderful letter and postcards from Rose in Michigan!  Rose, I loved your letter and you are right I don't have many postcards of Michigan, these are perfect for my collection!

Caroline from France wrote her first letter to me on this adorable kitten Christmas card!  You know how much I love Christmas and I thought writing her first letter to me on one was a fantastic idea!

A letter off to the Netherlands.

Letter to USA

Isn't this the cutest kitten ever!  It's staying here in the USA.

Dallas and Johnson Space Center to China and Finland.
8 Responses
  1. Denise Says:

    I so relate to what you said here. It's a bit disconcerting, is it? Though I appreciate those who are, I'm not a mail artist, brilliant writer, stamp collector, Austenite, or anything else particularly interesting. I'm just me living a quiet and simple life and enjoying it! Some of us appreciate that and I really think most people do so be who you are and write on. :)

  2. Hawwa Says:

    I agree with Denise 100%. Most of my friends and penpals haven't amazing nor extraordinary lifes, Just lifes, as me. But it's nice to hear from other people thoughts and opinions and daily experiences and share some moments in life. So... write on! :D

  3. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    I'm right there with all of you. My life isn't exciting but I love it.

  4. TMC Says:

    I love that "I have something to tell you" label! So cute!

    I've been wondering about how many of my LetterMo acquaintances will end up writing to me after the month is over. How many will I want to keep writing myself? It's an experiment, really.

  5. AnNa Says:

    my address is on there :) If you wrote me ... you'll definitely get an answer back ;)
    If not I'll just remain a car myself *hehe* Good luck Angie :)

  6. Actually I have the same as you... Not really feeling like a car, but I do feel like sometimes I'm not interesting enough to write with.. But still many people like to receive my letters, so I guess it's okay??
    I love your mail by the way! :) Hope you'll get my mail too soon. There are two things on their way to you. :)
    Also I'll write you an e-mail soon today. You'll get why when you read it. :)

    Hugs xxx

  7. Angie Says:

    Thanks y'all (as we say in Texas) I appreciate each and every comment you leave! ((((((Hugs)))))) to everyone on this particular journey, we can do this!

  8. marijke Says:

    Being 'just' you is just perfect and absolutely interesting because we all are different and that just the most interesting thing about penpalling!
    And I keep saying this: those disney stamps... I absolutely adore them... especially this one with boo.
    The christmascard with the kitty is really beautiful!