Postcards Brighten My Day!

Every card I share today
is special in it's own way.
Pretty sheep, lot's of cream
a Lali Riddle and of course
Kirdy's a dream!

Sweet and lovely sheep all the way from Slovenia.  I think I have 11 sheep postcards now in my collection, it's growing slowly but surely. ;)

Beautiful Slovenia Postage Stamps

Nouvelle Image La Petite Cremerie-everything to do with cream, love this card!
Arrived from Finland

Finland Rabbit Postage Stamp

Very cute Lali Riddle postcard from France

France Postage Stamps

Victoria Kirdy-Mice Drying Mushrooms

Russia Postage Stamps

Victoria Kirdy-See My Eggs

Russia Postage Stamp

2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    great postcards. a nice monday morning mail.
    im sending you some nd cards to add to your collection.
    have a happy week. can hardly believe lettermo is almost over!

  2. Amit Says:

    Lovely postcards...I love those Slovenia stamps a lot