Month Of Letters Day 1

Hello February, I love you!
Have you heard, it's the Month of Letters too?
Mail something every day, and reply to everything that comes your way.
Make connections lasting and true, find new friends, it's good for you!

A Month of Letters kicks off today, I'm sending two letters (Belgium & Canada) and a postcard (India).  With any luck, I'll make some new lasting connections this month (crossing my fingers)!
6 Responses
  1. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    Angie, your envelopes are so uplifting. I love these two envies. I also ordered the postcards so I'll be sending a few of those as well. Congrats on your win at LEP. I just ordered some stationery from her a couple of weeks ago and got it a few days ago. I really like it.

  2. Alex (Maine) Says:

    Beautiful mail as always Angie! :) What I wanted to ask you for a while now...where do you keep all of the postcards you receive? You must have a million by now! ^_^
    Happy February! :)

  3. Sleepy Owl Says:

    where do you buy your deco/washi tapes? x

  4. ylarnja Says:

    I wish I had some LetterMo sticker, but my printer only prints Black & White :/
    Your envelopes are really nice :D

  5. TMC Says:

    Congrats on your LEP win!!

  6. Angie Says:

    JarieLyn-Thanks! My newsletter went to my spam folder, glad you mentioned it! ;)

    Alex-Depends, some are in boxes by topic, my favorites get rotated out like the Christmas cards I posted and then make there way into binders. ;) No where near a million yet, might have to move if that happens! ;)

    Sleepy Owl-I think most of these tapes have come from Michael's and Paper Source

    ylarnja-You can still print the Lettermo stickers in black and white and add them to your envies. :)

    TMC-Thanks so much! I was shocked and surprised since I never win a thing...never!