Now Departing and Arriving at Gate 2809!

Valentine's Day cards on the way,
Year of the Snake here to stay.
Ann Taintor humor, cute little cat,
Postcrossing Meeting
and that's that!

Valentine's Day Greetings on the way!

It's the Year of the Snake and this cute postcard made it's way to the 2809 from China!

China Postage Stamps-it's the first time I've received a Chinese Zodiac Stamp-love it!

Ann Taintor has great humor on her postcards, this one is no exception!  :)
From a swap on swap-bot.
Arrived from USA

Cute Lancy Cat, I can't help but love cat postcards!
Arrived from China

China Postage Stamps

People all over the world have Postcrossing Meetings, this card is from the 2nd Annual Singapore Meeting.

The back of the card is signed by everyone that attended the meeting and great Singapore Postage Stamps
4 Responses
  1. Wow, love them! I especially like the Postcrossing meeting - card! I've one too, but I want to organize a Postcrossing meeting too one day. No idea what to do, but I bet I can find many on the Forum. :)

    I've also posted my Valentines cards today. I forgot to take a photo of them, but I guess it's better not to post them. If I don't send someone a card they can feel passed and I don't want that. (don't worry: you'll get one :) ).

  2. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    I learn a lot about Postcrossing from you. These are great cards. I like the one that is signed by everyone too. Very cool.

  3. marijke Says:

    That lancy cat card is great. I love those stamps of Dsney so much... I feel so sorry that we haven't almost any choice about our stamps. You only can ask stamps for either, national, europe or worldwide... Sometimes they are really pretty but from November till two weeks ago all my mail has almost the same stamp :(

  4. I want Rataouille stamps! <3 I love them!