Lovely Letters & Hello's!

Mail time is such a fine time
opens my mind time
shows me what others
see, feel and think!

I don't know about you but I've been blessed by a lot of new friends and Hello's in the mailbox lately! The pics today don't do justice to what's arrived inside these envelopes but I've been so busy writng and sending that taking pics took a back seat...for now.

Mail arrival has been wonderful lately.  A lovely Valentine's card from my penpal in Singapore, handmade envelopes from Ria, a return letter from a new penpal/lettermo participant in the USA, letter from a penpal in Denmark, and a sweet card from a another lettermo participant that also lives here in Texas.

Mail arrival from my lovely penpal Mariska in the Netherlands, return letter from a new penpal through lettermo, penpal letter from Switzerland, letter from Australia through lettermo, letter from USA through lettermo.

Mail on the way

Mail on the way

Mail on the way

Mail on the way

Mail on the way

Mail on the way
6 Responses
  1. phonelady Says:

    Gotta say love the teddy bears LOL ....what pretty mail you receive and the nay sayers tell me that mail art is dead yeah right mr . Al (whom I talked about in my blog ) ...LOL thanks and have a great day .

  2. Amit Says:

    The amount of incoming you received is just amazing!!!! It's great that your outgoing mail is also as beautiful as your incoming.....By the way, Did you get my letter along with the Christmas card???

  3. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    Wow, you are one happy girl. I thought my mailbox was full on Tuesday but nothing compares to yours. You are receiving and sending some great mail.

  4. TomoyoHime Says:

    I love the cute cat/kitten cards you sent. And I have a "thing" for the route 66 one too.

  5. ria cabral Says:

    you are sending and receiving great mail,but it always is.
    i really enjoy reading your blog regularly.
    glad the envelopes turned up!

  6. Maria Says:

    Ohh I love your pics of letters, envelopes and postcards. They inspire me :D