Seasonal Saturday-Christmas

Seasonal Saturday arrives again,
hopefully it will bring you a smile and
maybe a grin.

Mmmmm...I love Christmas cards.  So glad they are still arriving.  

Super Sweet & Glittery Penquin dressed in a Christmas hat and scarf.
Arrived from Netherlands

Santa Claus with green overcoat and red mittens.  Adorable children alongside him.
Arrived from Netherlands

Netherland Postage Stamps
Netherland Christmas 2012 Postage Stamps

Happy Holidays from the Finger Lakes.  Santa Claus Up, Up & Away!
Arrived from USA

Adorable Puppy & Kitten ready for Christmas.
Arrived from USA

3 Responses
  1. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    I love the puppy and kitten Christmas card.

  2. Love the puppy and kitten card and the penguin one! Very cute.

  3. marijke Says:

    Just came acros your blog while I was surfing to get some inspiration for my snailmail. I like the way you decorate you enveloppes! The penguin card is adorable! I'm glad it's in my collection too: I recieved it from family. *your new follower* ;)