Happy Envelopes for A Month of Letters!

Paper, scissors, tape and glue
make happy envelopes
ready to send to you!

Meredith & I had a little "envelope making party" for A Month of Letters, so much fun!  We got out papers, stickers, tapes, labels, rubber stamps and anything else that struck our fancy at the moment and created away.  There weren't any rules on how the envelopes had to look, no supplies were off limits, it was just time for us to have fun.   The end result, happy envelopes ready to go for Lettermo!

16 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:
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  2. PostMuse Says:

    These are very happy indeed! And I bet it was very relaxing to make them, too.

  3. Angie Says:

    Ria-Thanks & I'd love to see your designs!

  4. Angie Says:

    PostMuse-Thank You! :)

  5. Julie Says:

    Great envelopes! I should really decorate my envelopes ahead of time instead of doing them one at a time...

  6. Angie Says:

    Julie-Thanks! I must say, it's nice to have some done in advance. Takes the feeling of being overwhelmed (self-induced) away!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Love these envelopes, i think i have to look through ones i've made and pull them out. Id love for you to see my designs!
    great job.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    OK a few designs are up.
    you can check them out at my blog!

  9. Angie Says:

    Ria-Love them! Can't wait for mine to arrive!

  10. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    Angie, these are all so cute and pretty. Where do you get your tapes? I haven't seen any tapes as cute as these at Michaels in LV. The ones I have that I like I ordered from China and it took forever to get here. I like the process of making envelopes. I wish I had friends here with the same interest because it would be enjoyable to sit and chat while making envelopes.

  11. Jan Says:

    Those are adorable! I'm sure all the recipients will be thrilled to see them in their mailboxes. (^o^)

  12. Wow, really love your envelopes too! Hope one day I can make them as nice as yours. :) Maybe I'm going to get inspired by your envelopes. :)

  13. marijke Says:

    They are great and nothing as cozy as crafting together!

  14. Ciara Kay Says:

    Love 'em!! I won't have time for an envie-making party before LetterMo starts, but I'm definitely inspired to embellish some envelopes!

  15. Deb Says:

    OH! You have given me some ideas! I think I'm going to be making some envelopes this weekend.