Hello Thursday, You've Come Again!

Hello Thurdsay, you've come again!
Don't let this day go by without writing a friend.
Even though you've much to do,
writing your penpal is important too!

Penpal Letter to a wonderful penpal in Italy.

Postcards off to Malaysia & Netherlands

My Postcard Pal-Mariska from the Netherlands sent me this beautiful postcard filled with beautiful white sheep.  Love it!

Yay, this fantastic card NL-1627217 arrived from the official side (meaning not the forums) of Postcrossing, I couldn't be any happier! I always do my best to read and match profiles when sending cards and it's refreshing when others to too!

Oh how I love Forever Friends Bears by Hallmark, this postcard makes me happy and brings a smile! 

Why, oh why, doesn't Hallmark make postcards for us in the USA?  I know people would buy them and they already sell them in other parts of the world so it's not like re-inventing the wheel, ya know. 
4 Responses
  1. Essi Says:

    Wonderful mail! :) I love your blog!

  2. Amit Says:

    The cherry blossom stamps are amazing!!!Hallmark card is really so cute...
    Did you get my letter? I think I need to write another one now.It's sad that none of my cards or letter reached you till now.

  3. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    Of course the sheep are cute, and I love your top envelope that you made. I received the Texas Windmill pc from another person awhile back. The gate with the heart and the hinge are the types of photos I like to take when I'm out shooting with my camera.

  4. Really like how you've decorated the envelope! :) I'm also glad you received my card. I knew you would like it. :) It's a bit bigger too then normal cards, but I hope you don't mind. Just saw this one and I had to think about you instantly. :) Hugs xxx