A Few of Our Favorite Things

Pretty paper tapes and rubber stamps, these are a few of our favorite things! 

Walked into Michaels, saw the new paper tapes...started drooling on the floor!  So many designs, so little money.  Had to stop drooling, put myself back together a bit and start narrowing down to my absolute favorites.  You can see which ones made it in the cart and home, for this week! ;)

I am a sucker for rubber stamps...there...I've said it!  Make a heart or an owl and it's coming home with me, especially when the price is only $1.50 each.  Yippeeee...Skippeeee!

Anything make you drool?
14 Responses
  1. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    I never find the good rubber stamps at Michaels. The ones you brought home are really cute. I'm a total sucker for hearts. I just bought some notecards shaped like hearts yesterday at WalMart. I love paper tapes too. Can you guess which ones are my favorite? I'll give you a hint. Four different rolls on the right hand side.

  2. Love the tapes! Especially the one with the cameras. I've never seen that one before. :) Well, actually none of them, but the cameras is very special. For this week you say... :) Haha, are you going back next week? :)
    Love the rubber stamps too! What is Michaels for a kind of store? Just with crafts?

  3. lynn Says:

    Very cool stuff! I'm in love with the tape with the cameras on it!

  4. Ciara Kay Says:

    Anything airmail, kraft paper, twine makes me drool!! I also love washi tape... too bad the good stuff is so pricey!

  5. Denise Says:

    I haven't used Washi tape yet but have been eyeing it, trust me. As soon as it's in the budget, I'll get some! I'm a sucker for pens, inks, and anything mail/postal. Give me a rubber stamp that says "Air Mail" on it and I'll be happy for weeks and weeks! ;)

  6. Corelay Says:

    I need more tapes!

  7. Yes, love the tapes! I get mine from ebay as there isn't really anywhere in the UK that sells them. I love pretty paper and I'm always on the hunt for some!

  8. Angie Says:

    JarieLyn-Since you are a photographer, the cameras and film strip have to be in your favorites (crossing my fingers that I'm right). I'm not sure of the other two, do tell! ;)

  9. Angie Says:

    Mariska-Michaels is indeed a craft store filled to the brim with anything craft related you might ever think you need and then some! Generally, it's a weekly trip. Some people buy shoes like crazy, I buy stuff at Michaels! ;)

  10. Angie Says:

    lynn-Thanks, seems to be a common favorite! :)

  11. Angie Says:

    Ciara Kay-I love the same things you do, I need a much, much bigger house for all that I wish for! ;)

  12. Angie Says:

    Denise-I'm right there with ya! Finally sorted my favorite pens by color and find I'm using many more on a regular basis now. ;)

  13. Angie Says:

    Corelay-Don't we all, can never have enough tapes!

  14. Angie Says:

    Ratty Love Muffin-I have a big weakness for paper too...really big! We'll just keep it between ourselves...for now. ;)