Mail Delight at the 2809!

Yesterday's mail brought much delight to the 2809
lots of mail themed cards and a letter, all so divine.

Wheeeee...yesterday's mail brought an official Lettermo postcard from Jan at Of Bibles, books and letters.  Oh yes, a little happy dance happened here at the 2809! ;) 

USA Postage Stamps

More great mail! Steve who blogs at Recording Thoughts sent me a lovely letter.  Thank you Steve, a reply will be on the way very soon!

Isn't this a great postcard, look at that wonderful mail all bundled up and ready to go!  Can you imagine receiving that many letters in a day/week or month!  Heaven!
Arrived from Russia

Russia Postage Stamps

Postcard full of everything mail related, so cute!
Arrived from Singapore

3 Responses
  1. Wow, love your mail of yesterday! :) The card with all the letters is great! I can't imagine getting so much mail in a day/week/month! But who knows... :) Also love the mailboxcard! xxx

  2. Jan Says:

    LOVE that card from Russia with all the bundles of mail but think I might pass out if I got that much in one day. :)

  3. Amit Says:

    The postcard from Russia is amazing!!! I am completely in love with it.