Classic American Postcards

52 Postcards in a week
no, I'm really not a freak!
It's a fun little project,
easy to do and brings
happiness to mailboxes
all year through.  (Does anyone read these?)

Today's post include's more cards from the 52 Postcards in a Week project at Swap-bot

You know, I love all mail but there's something a little special when you open your mailbox and see a postcard from your favorite's list.  I'm so happy anytime someone sends me an Amish postcard!

Kentucky State Capitol Building-I'm working on having a complete collection of State Capitol Postcards, have a very long way to go. ;)

Wheeee...this Pennsylvania mulit-view postcard is great and even shows an Amish horse and buggy! Love!

Mickey Mouse at the Fantasmic Show, yay for Mickey Mouse!

Vintage USA Love Postage Stamp
5 Responses
  1. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    I love the Pennsylvania card.

  2. Jan Says:

    Love that Amish horse & buggy postcard.

  3. Yes, I do read your intros! Love them all the time. Keep thinking about how you come up with them any time again. :)

    Love the cards you've got! It was a good mailday for you. :) For me too: 1 card and one letter. :) Going to reply the letter soon, first checking my e-mail. :)


  4. TMC Says:

    I love Amish country scenes and culture. I still have a couple in my stash from when I lived in Indiana.

  5. Melissa Says:

    I love these! The Amish postcard and the photo of Mickey are great!